Day 1: Svaty Jur, Červený Kameň, Smolenice


The Small Carpathians extends for about 60 km from Bratislava. The southern slopes of Small Carpathians offer an ideal place for growing grapes.The wine route of the Little Carpathians is the largest winery region of Slovakia.

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Day 2: Cachtice, Beckov, Trenčín, Cicmany


We visited two of the most important castles in the history of Slovakia: Beckov and Trenčín. In Čičmany its wooden houses are decorated with white geometric figures (reminiscent of gingerbread cookies).

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Day 3: Terchová, Mala Fatra, Orava


In Mala Fatra National Park there is an easy trekking route (Dolne Diery and Nove Diery) that leads through the bottom of a canyon and there are small stairs to help advance along the path and see the waterfalls.

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Day 4: Štrbské pleso, Skalnaté pleso


We go to Štrbské pleso, a glacial lake located in the southern part of the High Tatras. In the afternoon, we take a cable car to Lomnický Štít. The cable car exceeds a height difference of 1700 m and leaves tourists at 2634 m in height.

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Day 5: Spišský Štvrtok, Levoča, Spišský hrad, Spišská Kapitula

Spissky hrad

The castle of Spiš is one of the largest castles in Central Europe. The castle along with the surrounding religious buildings (Spisská Kapitula) is registered since 1993 as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

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Day 6: Dunajec gorge, Kežmarok

Dunajec gorge

Pieniny National Park is located around the border of Slovakia and Poland. It is known for its complicated geological structure. The landscape is dominated by the attractive Dunajec gorge and many cliffs.

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Day 7: Dobšinská ice cave, Slovensky Raj


Dobšinská Ice Cave is part of the set of Stratená caves. Formed in the mid-Triassic. There are limestone along the fault lines and surfaces merging.

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Day 8: Demänova valley, Vlkolínec


Demänova valley (National Park Low Tatras) is the most popular and beautiful of the Low Tatras. He is 15 km long and is the main tourism center on the north side of the mountains.

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Day 9: Banská Bystrica, Hronsek, Zvolen, Banská Štiavnica

Banska Bystrica

The Wooden Churches of the Slovak Carpathian Mountains were inscribed by UNESCO as world heritage in the year 2008. These churches represent the typical architecture of this region of Europe.

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Day 10: Bojnice, Piešťany


Bojnice castle is one of the most beautiful and older castles in Slovakia. It was rebuilt according to the Gothic style of French castles along the river Loire and gave the castle a fairytale castle air.

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Day 11: Bratislava, Devin


We were one morning visiting the capital of Slovakia, beginning with its castle. Bratislava Castle dominates the hill that rises over the Danube. The Devin Castle ruins found where Moravia river joins the Danube River.

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