Travel to the Canal de Garonne

Day 1 Toulouse - Grisolles

After the visit to Toulouse, at the afternoon we started our bicycle tour through the channel of the Garonne. Our goal is not to do all the miles of bike path of the Garonne channel. The goal is to scroll through the channel quietly, knowing the different landscapes and near villages. Therefore, although the channel starts in the town of Toulouse, we skipped the initial segment to avoid city traffic. Furthermore it is surely the ugliest stretch of the route because it passes by industrial areas.

Canal de Garonne greenway (voie verte)

Canal de Garonne greenway (voie verte)

(in 20 km.) Canal lock of Lespinasse: We start the route in the lock of Lespinasse. On this day we only want to have a first contact with the channel, practicing with the maneuver of load and unload the bikes from the car, put some order when transiting the green lane (today we are 6 adults and 6 children) and make the first photos. We just cycle for 4 kilometers, passing through the lock of Bordeneuve and reaching the lock of St.Jory. During the tour we see no ships sailing.

Canal lock num.5 at Bordeneuve

Canal de Garonne - Canal lock num.5 at Bordeneuve

We decided to come back together to look for the cars, the reason why we undo the path done. Half way back we see a couple of otters swimming in the canal.

(in 10 km.) Merville: We sleep in the Résid´Price hotel located on the outskirts of the town, where we slept with very cheap rates in a studio with kitchen and, best of all, with parking in front of our room which allowed us to not have to download the bikes from the car.