Travel to Iceland

Day 4 Hamar - Snaefellness - Stykkishólmur (239 Km.)

(38 Km.) Eldborg: It is a crater 80 meters in height, located in the mantle of lava of Eldborgarhraun. This whole area is full of many craters that are visibles from the road.



(85 Km.) Arnastapi: Just outside Arnastapi visited Raudfeldargjá, a cleft in a mountain which locals believe to have seen elves and goblins. Arnastapi is known in literary as the last stage of the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" of Jules Verne. The protagonists entering the volcano Snaefellsjökull in towards the center of the earth. The coast of this town highlights for its bird-filled cliffs, where there is a natural stone arch called Gatklettur. At the entrance of the town there is a sculpture made of stone in honor of the Viking demigod Bardur Snafellsás.



(22 Km.) Budir: Let´s Budir in search of the most beautiful hotel in Iceland, but the only thing we found was a neglected village. Then we learned that the hotel was burned in the previous year.

(21 Km.) Ólafsvik: It is a major tourist city because from this town depart most trips to climb the Snaefellsjökull with walking tours or in 4x4 and snowmobiles. We could not make the trip due to bad weather (fog). Another tourist activity that takes place from this village is whale watching.

(50 Km.) Bjarnarhöfn: Farm where he prepares the hákarl, typical Icelandic dish consisting of meat of sharks with some degree of putrefaction.

(23 Km.) Stykkishólmur: It is the most important city of the peninsula, but with no special touristic atractive. Within the town highlights its fishing port, situated on a natural bay sheltered by the islet Stykki. From this port leaves the ferry to the island of Flatey and to the western fjords.