Travel to Finland

Day 7 Helsinki (0 Km.)

Helsinki: The old city center is on the Senate Square, where the statue of Tsar Alexander I stands as a lookout, behind the imposing Lutheran Cathedral Tuomiokirkko. This church, along with most government buildings surrounding it, dates from 1800 and was designed by the Berlin architect Carl Ludvig Engel, the architect of much of Tallinn in Estonia and St. Petersburg in Russia. The crypt of the cathedral houses exhibits of history and architecture.

Helsinki - Tuomiokirkko

Helsinki - Lutheran Cathedral Tuomiokirkko

Among the buildings of public administration stands near the University of Helsinki and the Council of State, former seat of the Grand Duchy Imperial Senate. Another unmissable site is Kauppatori outdoor market, where its wooden stalls are frecuented by locals to find fish, food, flowers, furs, and visitors, souvenirs. Opposite the market stands the Presidential Palace, former residence of the Tsar.

Helsinki - Kauppatori

Helsinki - Kauppatori (Market square)

From here we can observe glittering golden domes of bulbous forms: they are the domes of the Orthodox Cathedral Uspenkin (Uspenkin Kirkko), decorated by Russian artists. Draws attention a glass box that resonates with electronic music, tinged with countless shades and where everybody goes to browse.

Helsinki - Uspenkin

Helsinki - Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral

A neuralgic point in the city is the Central Railway Station, completed in 1914, thanks to the design of Eliel Saarinen, whose hands also raised the prestige of Finnish Architecture. In its monumental facade displays four torchbearers, a work of Emil Wikström. Opposite the station is the Ateneum, the museum which houses the most important collections of art in the country. Steps away, the newly opened Kiasma Museum, which exhibits contemporary Finnish art and recognized foreign artists creations. From there you can go to Eduskuntatalo, the Palace of Parliament, and the Finland Hall, a building designed by famed Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

Helsinki - Central Railway Station

Helsinki - Central Railway Station

One of the most interesting of the Gulf of Finland is the fortress of Suomenlinna - Sveaborg. This imposing fortress 450 years old, who defends the city, was declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Within the old walls you can discover the history of Finland and the Baltic. A ferry regularly part of the Market Square and the crossing takes just 15 minutes.

Helsinki - Suomenlinna

Helsinki - Suomenlinna

In addition to the attractions of the center is another area which concentrates several cultural landmarks in Helsinki. Tölöö come together in theaters, museums, concert halls and stadiums, as in all orners of the city, framed by parks, forests and lakes. The headquarters of the Opera is a superb environment in which vibrate this musical genre, among others, according to the famous baton of the the most important musician of the country, Jean Sibelius. There also runs the national ballet. The House of Finland is one of many cutting-edge architectural expressions projected Alvar Aalto. His clear and harmonious lines give life to many concerts and shows. The National Museum and the Municipal Museum also make this area a true cultural center.