Day 2: Nantes, Vannes


In Nantes highlights the Cathedral of Saint Pierre and the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. Our next stop is in Vannes, located in the Gulf of Morbihan. It is a pleasant city, with an interesting old town that is grouped around the cathedral.

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Day 3: Carnac


Carnac: indispensable in our itinerary for its alignments of menhirs, its museum and its beaches. To visit the menhirs, which date from 4500 to 4000 BC, you must go to Menec, where the first group is located, followed by that of Kermario, Kerlescan and the Tumulus of Saint Michel.

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Day 4: Quimperlé, Concarneau, Quimper


Quimperlé is another beautiful town. You can visit, in the Ville Basse, the church and the Abbey of Sainte Croix and, in the beautiful Dom Morice street, the municipal museum. Another street that is also worth seeing for its beauty is that of Brémond d'Ars.

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Day 5: Raz, Locronan, Brest, Saint-Mathieu

Pointe du Saint-Mathieu

We start visiting the Pointe du Raz, protected by the lighthouses of Vieille and Plat. We continue through the fishing port of Douarnenez, the pretty village of Locronan and Brest. We ended up in front of the ruins of the abbey of the Pointe Saint-Mathieu.

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Day 6: Cape Frehel, Dinan, Saint Malo

Cape Frehel

Cape Frehel is considered one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Brittany with its great cliffs and magnificent views. In the afternoon we walk through the narrow streets of the Ville Close of Saint Malo, lined with houses from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Day 7: Mount Sant Michel, Vitré

Mount Sant Michel

Mount Sant Michel is entered by the Porte de I'Avancée, the boulevard, and the Porte du Roi, which already belongs to the wall. There are four monastic buildings: the Abbey, the Abbey church, the monks´ abbey and La Merveille.

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Day 8: Rennes, Paimpont, Josselin


The two districts of Old Rennes are very different: situated to the north of the river Vilaine they concentrate the nocturnal and cultural activity of the city, while to the south extend the modern residential districts.

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