Travel to Bretagne

Day 7 Saint Malo - Rennes (200 Km.)

(in 63 Km.) Mount Sant Michel: (Time: 9'30-18) is reached by a road on the sea, entering by the Porte de l´Avancée, the boulevard, and the Porte du Roi, which already belongs to the wall. On the right leaves the Grande Rue, lined with shops. There are four monastic buildings: the Abbey, the abbey church, the abbey of monks and La Merveille.

Mount Sant Michel

Mount Sant Michel

The Abbey, with Carolingian origin, was the place where monks caring for the poor. It can be reached by a staircase call Escalier du Gouffre, leading to the Salle des Gardes.

The church was built in the eleventh century, but this time there are no more than the nave and transept. The choir was built in the fifteenth century in Gothic style flamboyant and has a magnificent triforium. It is crowned by an arrow where there is a statue of the archangel St. Gabriel dominate by the devil.

The monks of the abbey (XI-XII), which is actually the convent Romanesque building, is built on three levels, and consists of bedroom, the place where he spent the monks and the chamber of Aquilon. They are also the cells, but despite impressive what they are, are closed to the public.

The Merveille has also been built at three different levels. A masterpiece of architecture of the thirteenth century, consists of a cloister, refectory, lavatorium, a work room, kitchen and reception room Salle des Chevaliers. Since this building is the other side of the mountain, which, contrary to what is expected, is not a bare hill, but is covered by a small forest of oaks.

You can take a pleasant walk through the walls that you take, after passing the Tour Gabriel, the Chapelle Saint Hubert (XI II). A little further north, near the forest of oaks, is the spring that provided the mountain freshwater.

Two museums we speak of Mount and its peculiarities and history: one is the Musée Grévin, at the foot of the Abbey, which reconstructs from wax dolls, the creation of the Abbey to the lives of monks and history of Mt. EI Maritime Museum (rue Principale) spoke of the curiosities of the mountain and bay between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. In turn, the Archéoscope (rue Principale), through a multimedia show, talks about the history and legends of the mountain since its inception until today.

Mount Sant Michel

Mount Sant Michel

(in 47 Km.) Fougéres: another beautiful medieval city. It has an impressive feudal castle built on a promontory surrounded by the river Nanqon. It is from the centuries XII to XV. We would recommend visiting the way that round it. You can also visit the church of Saint Sulpice and the old neighborhood Marchix, which surrounds the square of the same name.

(in 37 Km.) Vitré: is a city that has been preserved intact since almost five centuries ago. You can visit its medieval castle, the church of Notre Dame (XV-XVI) and Beaudrairie street.

(in 38 Km.) Rennes