Day 1: Sigüenza


The first thing we visit is its cathedral. At the exit we walk through the Plaza Mayor, which highlights its arcades and the town hall. Some of its most interesting buildings are the Church of Santiago.

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Day 2: El Escorial, Trujillo


Trujillo is structured around the monumental Plaza Mayor, which is presided over by an equestrian statue of Pizarro made in bronze. For centuries, it has been the center of the city's social and commercial life.

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Day 3: Lisbon (La Baixa)


The "Baixa" is the neighborhood completely rebuilt after the earthquake and one of the first European examples of modern urban planning with grid streets around the two squares, the Comercio and the Rossio.

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Day 4: Belém, Lisboa (Castelo, Alfama)


The Belém tower is the best known landmark of the city, built during the reign of Manuel I and was originally one of the prisons in the country. The shape of the tower is square.

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Day 5: Queluz, Sintra, Cascais


"El Castelo da Pena", an example of Portuguese romantic architecture, is a confusing composition of Gothic towers, Renaissance domes, medieval doors, baroque decorations and oriental minarets surrounded by a beautiful park.

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Day 6: Evora, Olivenza, Ajuda


The layout of the medieval citadel of Olivenza, which in the early fourteenth century was rebuilt on the remains of the original Templar fortress, had four doors, two of which are now preserved in good condition.

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Day 7: Alburquerque, Mérida


The Roman theater of Merida is one of the grandest and most magnificent of Hispania. Construction began under Augustus, about 16 B. C., its capacity of 5,000 spectators makes it one of the largest in Europe.

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Day 8: Cáceres, Guadalupe


In the Plaza de Santa Maria (Saint Mary square), opposite the cathedral, is the Palacio Episcopal (Bishop´s Palace) thirteenth-century , with the main Renaissance facade of the sixteenth century and Gothic lateral of the fifteenth century.

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