Travel to Extremadura and Lisbon

Day 4 Lisbon - Belém - Lisbon (16 Km.)

We start the visit of the day, that will be uphill, accompanied by the yellow trams than up and down the slopes of the Alfama. We arrived at Miradouro de Santa Luzia, where a balcony offers a wonderful view of the river and the roofs that are left down, not to mention the roof that provide the buganvilas plant. We ended the ascent reaching the walls of the castle of São Jorge.

Lisbon - La Baixa, Sanctuary of Christ the King and 25th of April bridge

Lisbon - La Baixa, Sanctuary of Christ the King and Ponte 25 de Abril (25th of April bridge).

This castle, which has undergone several reconstructions and renovations, is the oldest building in Lisbon, which dates back to Roman times. Highlights the interesting view especially by the perspective over the neighborhoods that border the river, highlighting la Baixa and the far and modern suspension bridge, the 25th of April, a world record (unbeaten since 1966) due to the 2,000 meters of metalic unique piece of the bridge, which crosses the estuary 70 m. above the water.

Lisbon - Castelo São Jorge

Lisbon - Castelo São Jorge (Castle of São Jorge)

The neighborhood best known, oldest and most beautiful is the Alfama (below the castle of St. George). We don´t miss rua São Pedro, where there is a fish market every morning, the Largo de São Rafael with beautiful houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, one of which is the Torre de Alfama (Tower of Alfama), Rua da Judiaria, Rua da São Miguel and rua Cardosa. Highlights the small shops of fresh fish, as we are in a fisherman neighborhood.

Lisbon - District of Alfama Lisbon - District of Alfama Lisbon - District of Alfama

Lisbon - District of Alfama

In the area there are two small churches: the Church of San Esteban from which you get very good views and the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, with paintings of the sixteenth century. At the foot of the Alfama district is the Romanesque cathedral of Sé, XII century, illuminated by a beautiful rosette. It was built on an ancient mosque razed after the reconquest. Its structure was heavily modified after the earthquake of 1755.

Lisbon - Cathedral of Sé

Lisbon - Cathedral of Sé

(in 8 Km.) Civil parish of Belém: Without any doubt one of the most important monuments of Lisbon is the Jerónimos Monastery ( Monastery of the Hieronymites). Its is UNESCO World heritage site since 1983. Manuel I ordered its construction in the late fifteenth century to offer it to the hieronymite monks. It is of late Gothic style but with some Manueline motifs and other elements of Plateresque. Stands out the cloister and the nave supported by very fine pillars.

Belém - Jerónimos Monastery

Belém - Jerónimos Monastery

The Church of Santa Maria is another jewel of this area. It is divided into two distinct parts: one corresponding to the choir and transept (XVI) and other of Manueline style. In this church is the tomb of Vasco da Gama and the poet Camoens. In this neighborhood there are three interesting museums such as the Museum of Ethnology, the Navy Museum and the Museum of Popular Art.

Belém - Belém tower

Belém - Belém tower

The Belém tower is the best known landmark of the city, built during the reign of Manuel I and was originally one of the prisons in the country. The shape of the tower is square, but extends on a platform topped by battlements. It was also declared UNESCO World heritage site in 1983.

Belém - Belém - Padrao dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries) Belém - Belém - Padrao dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries)

Belém - Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries)

Within walking distance is the "Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries)", made at the time of the dictator Salazar, with a chauvinist and fascist design, which rise 52 meters overhanging the banks of the Tagus. From the top, there is a total view of the other side, the giant "Ponte 25 de Abril" and the district of Belém.

Lisbon - EXPO'98 and Vasco da Gama bridge

Lisbon - EXPO´98 and Vasco de Gama dridge

(in 8 Km.) Lisbon: As a result of the Lisbon World Exposition -Expo 98-, left standing almost all the pavillions that were built at this resort located on the eastern edge of town. One of the main attractions of the park is the Oceanarium, a giant aquarium, with a sample of marine species from five continents. You can visit the Vasco da Gama tower, with 145 meters high, offering a splendid panoramic view of both the city and the surrounding area. On top of this tower is located a circular lookout, where you can see all sides of the park and see the perspective of the long bridge of the same name as the tower: Vasco da Gama bridge.