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Day 9 Bussy - Eurodisney (Walt Disney Studios) (14 Km.)

(in 14 Km) Eurodisney: We left the hotel towards the milestone of the trip most eagerly awaited by kids. After collecting the tickets at the hotel, inspired on the movie Cars 2 and the American Southwestern theme, we are prepared to visit the parks where kids (and not so kids), in addition to rides to the various attractions, they will find with the characters of his stories and movies: Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Peterpan, etc.


Walt Disney Studio - Front Lot

We access the Disneyland resort by one of two freeways inside the complex. One leads to the hotel zone and the other to the parking of the parks. The parking cost 15 euros a day, unless you stay in one of the Disney hotels, which then is free. Another advantage of staying at hotels in the park is that you can enter a couple of hours before the Disneyland Park opens and therefore, in addition to have more time, in these two initial hours there are less people and therefore less queues in the attractions.


Walt Disney Studio - Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic

We dedicate the first day in Eurodisney to visit the Walt Disney Studios, one of two themed parks in the resort This park is divided into 4 zones, with a total of 18 attractions: Front Lot (1 attraction), Toon Studio (8 attractions), Production Courtyard (5 attractions) and Backlot (3 attractions). The area of Front Lot is not an attracction in itself. This is a complex themed like a movie studio where you will find restaurants and shops. Is the main entrance to the park.


Walt Disney Studio - Cars movie attraction

The Toon Studio is the area with more attractions, all of them themed with Disney cartoons: Vehicles from the movie Cars, the paratroopers, the dog or the car of Toy Story, the carousel air inpired in the movie Aladdin and the roller coaster of Nemo. In the latter attraction you can use the Fastpass. This is achieved by entering the park ticket on the machine at the entrance of the attraction and gives you a FASTPASS ® ticket which indicates the time zone where you can ride to the attraction. Until that time you can go up to other attractions, saving much of the queue. This area also has a pair of spectacles.


Walt Disney Studio - Tower of Terror

In the Production Courtyard area highlights the attraction of Tower of Terror. You take an elevator and suddenly falls 3 floors at once. It goes up again and falls back. Only the most daring. This also works with Fastpass attraction and should measure up to at least 1.02 meters tall. Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic is a tram that takes you through different scenarios, among which a canyon with numerous special effects: water, explosions, fire, etc.. The other attractions of this area are CineMagique, a show with Stitch and a performance of Playhouse Disney series.


Walt Disney Studio - "Moteurs... Action!"

The last area of ??the park of Walt Disney Studios is Backlot and has three attractions: Armageddon, a special effects show, the Aerosmith roller coaster (with Fastpass and minimum height of 1.20 meters) and the show "Moteurs... Action!", where several cars and motorcycles made ??many stunts and action scenes. To the delight of the kids, at the half of the show appears Lightning McQueen (the car from the movie Cars) participating in any of the scenes.


Disneyland Park - Parade

Mid-afternoon we left this park to go see the parade in the afternoon in Disneyland Park. The Parade takes place daily and the best places to see it are next to It´s a Small World, along Main Street USA or in the middle of Town Square. If you want to see at first hand should arrive soon. It is a very special time for children because many of the Disney characters pass in front of them in real live. From time to time the parade stops and the characters down from the large floats and interact with children.