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Day 10 Eurodisney (Disneyland Park) - Bussy (14 Km.)

Disneyland Park: We got up early to enter the park at 8:00 and enjoy the first attractions with less queues. For this we request the option of breakfast in one of the restaurants inside the park rather than in the restaurant of our hotel. This park is divided into 5 zones, with a total of 49 attractions: Main Street USA (6 attractions), Frontierland (10 attractions), Adventurland (6 attractions), Fantasyland (16 attractions) and Discoveryland (11 attractions).


Disneyland park - Sleeping Beauty Castle

As at 10:00 we have breakfast near the entrance, we don´t move away from this area and we were in Discoveryland attractions. We started asking the Fastpass for Space Mountain roller coaster (minimum height 1.32 m.). While we wait our turn we perform some laser shots in Buzz Lightyear attraction. Later the adults ride on the dark roller coaster of Space Mountain, while the kids ride on the carousel air Orbitron. At noon, we return to this area where we will ride on the Star Tours simulator (Fastpass) themed in the films of Star Wars and on the cars of Autopia.


Disneyland park - Roller coaster of Space Mountain: Mission II

After breakfast we visited the area of Fantasyland, the most interesting for children as they are themed in the classic Disney stories. We got on the carousel of Lancelot, the cars of Pinocchio and Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, the flying galleon of Peter Pan´s Flight (Fastpass). Then we went to the boats It´s a small World, the most visited attraction in the park, which for 9 minutes advance between different dolls that represent different parts of the world, all accompanied by a very catchy song.


Disneyland Park - It´s a small world

The main attraction of this area and icon of the park is the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Not have to queue to visit it and therefore is an attraction for visiting while you are waiting your scheduled time in a fastpass attraction. On the first floor of the castle is the gallery of the Sleeping Beauty, where you´ll find books, tapestries and stained glass illustrated with images of the tale. In the basement are the dungeons of the castle, place where we discover a dragon that moves and draws smoke through the nose. in the back of the castle is the sword Excalibur, star of the film Quest for Camelot. Are you going to draw the sword?


Disneyland Park - Princesses in the parade

We move Towards Adventurland, perhaps the quietest part of the park. We went to the water coaster Pirates of the Caribbean. Over a boat you advance between in scenarios inspired on battles of pirates with gunfire, explosions, etc. Another of the main attractions of this area is the roller coaster of Indiana Jones (Fastpass, minimum 1.40 m.), But that day it was closed. On the other attractions of this area there are not to queue, and children can play on the beach from the pirates, the island of adventure, Robinson´s cabin, the pirate ship of Captain Hook or the Aladdin´s Enchanted Passage.


Disneyland Park - Roller coaster

Our next area to visit is Frontierland, themed in the old American West. First we went to Phantom Manor, where a buggy takes us through this haunted house inhabited by many ghosts. Then we went to Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, and sailed for 15 minutes on this old steamboat. In Legends of the Wild West we stroll through Fort Comstock. Finally we went to Big Thunder Mountain, a mine train roller coaster (Fastpass, minimum height 1.02 m.). We also find in this area one of the four stations of the steam train that surrounds the park.

Eurodisney Eurodisney

Disneyland Park - Sleeping Beauty Castle and nighttime parade

Finally we have the entrance area, which corresponds to Main Street USA, based on the representation of a city in the United States of the 1920 and 1930. Its biggest attraction is the main train station. It also has a vintage cars and a wagon pulled by horses. On Main Street USA there are restaurants and many shops where buy souvenirs just before leaving the park. Discovery arcade and Liberty arcade are a pair of covered arcades parallel to the main street and also has access to shops and restaurants. They are a good alternative when it rains or when the main street is too full.


Disneyland Park - Nighttime parade

As a final colophon to our visit of two days to the park, we enjoyed the night parade and fireworks. The nighttime parade is another magical moment for children. As in the parade in the afternoon, Disney characters parade mounted on spectacular floats. But this time the floats are decorated with an infinity of colored lights.

(in 14 Km.) Bussy Saint Georges: We slept in the same hotel a couple of nights ago, near the entrance of Disneyland Paris.