Travel to Slovakia

Day 4 Gerlachov - Štrbské pleso - Skalnaté pleso - Gerlachov (53 Km)

(in 16 Km.) Štrbské pleso: The lake more representative of the National Park of High Tatras was selected among the finalists of the international vote by internet, organized by the New Open World Corporation (NOWC) to select the 7 natural wonders of the world.

High Tatras

High Tatras

It is a glacial formation located in the southern part of the High Tatras. It was originated more than 10000 years ago in the place where meet two valleys: Furkotská dolina and Mlynická dolina, at the foot of the Solisko mountains. It is located at 1346 meters above sea level, has an area of 19.76 hectares, measuring 640 meters long and 600 meters wide and has a maximum depth of 26 meters. The lake is frozen about 155 days a year.

Nove Strbske Pleso

Nove Štrbské pleso

A relatively easy hike (and popular) of an hour and a half is what leads to the most idyllic, if possible, Popradské Lake (at 1,494 m.). With a little more effort, you can follow up for two hours along the trail marked in blue to the largest and deepest lake in the park, the Velké Hincovo (at 1,946 m). From Popradské Pleso also can follow the winding track Tatranska Magistrala (3 hours) to the refuge of Sliezsky dom, or continue to Hrebienok (at 1,285 m., 5h.) and then take the funicular to go down to Starý Smokovec.

Strbske Pleso

Štrbské pleso

(in 23 Km.) Tatranská Lomnica: From this town we went in gondola until Skalnaté Pleso (it means "Rocky lake"), 1.751m above the sea level. The mountain lake in a watershed defined by great boulders that descended from one of the giants of the Tatras, the Lomnický štít. Skalnaté Dolina Valley is the smallest of the Tatras but their beauty can be compared to any other. From here there is a nice view of the mountains Lomnický Štít and Kezmarský Štít. From Skalnaté Pleso out the red road to Hrebienok.

Strbske Pleso

Štrbské pleso

Another way to reach this lake is from Hebrienok, which is reached climbing by a cog railway from Stary Smokovec. The route heads into the woods, and in about 15 minutes come to a crossroads from which a road leads right to the falls Studený potok. It is one of the most visited of the Tatras. Form a complicated system of waterfalls of various levels. The largest waterfall and high can be seen from the bridge.

Skalnate pleso

Skalnaté pleso

The cable car ride up Lomnický štít is one of the most favorite places for tourists. The cable car overcomes a height difference of 1700 m and let the tourists to 2634 m in height. This is the second highest point of the Tatras. The view from here is awesome. On a clear day you can see from one side to Poland and south nearly one-fifth of Slovakia. In a day of bad weather, which are frequent, can not view or a couple of meters away. We do not go up because it was too cloudy.

Lomnicky Stit

Lomnický Štít cable car

(in 14 Km.) We returned to Gerlachov. If there is time there is a chance to visit in the town of Poprad the square of Spišská Sobota or relax in the pools of Aquacity in Poprad.