Travel to Slovakia

Day 10 Banská Bystrica - Bojnice - Piešťany - Bratislava (259 Km)

(in 73 Km.) Bojnice: Bojnice castle is one of the most beautiful and older castles in Slovakia. The castle is noted in writings since 1113. The original castle was of wood and was built on the site of an even earlier building. In the thirteenth century a castle of stones was built by Poznaò family. In the thirteenth century the castle was conquered by Matuš Čak Trenčianský, a powerful knight who disputed the crown with the king of Hungary.


Bojnice - Castle

Later the castle went through various hands until you get to belong to the king. In 1852 the castle was obtained by Count Jan František Palfy, great traveler and art collector. At his death in 1910 had a part of a palace in Budapest and another in Vienna and another 6 properties in Slovakia. A palace in Bratislava, a castle in Kralova other in Pezinok, Bojnice in Sucha nad Parnou and one more in Trstena na Ostrove. The battlements and round towers as in the fairy tales.


Bojnice - Castle

Bojnice castle was rebuilt according to the Gothic style of French castles along the river Loire. This reconstruction gave the castle a fairytale castle air. At death of the Count left in his will the desire that these properties were opened to the public and that the artwork should remain in their original place. Bojnice castle opened as a museum in 1950 to fulfill this desire.


Bojnice - Castle - Golden Hall

For those who like fine art, Bojnice Castle displays an exquisite collection consists of original furniture and exclusive pieces of art from the nineteenth and twentieth century that belonged to the family Pálffy, as well as works from the late Gothic whose major issue is the Bojnice altar built by Italian craftsman Nardo di Cione Ortagna. It also highlights the Golden Hall, with its gilded ceilings, and a small cave system some 26 meters under the courtyard, and its own well.

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Bojnice - Castle - Bojnice altar

(in 98 Km.) Piešťany: It is the biggest, worldfamous and best known spa town in Slovakia. The functional Colonnade Bridge (Kolonádovy most), designed and built in 1932, serves as a platform for the statue of man breaking the crutch over his knee, symbol of the trademark Thermae Piest'any. The Slovak artist Martin Benka, from twentieth century, recorded bucolic scenes inside the glass walls of the bridge, which were saved by neighbors before the Nazis did blow (it was rebuilt in 1956).


Piešťany - Swimming Pool Eva (Kúpalisko Eva)

On the other side is the Spa Island (Kúpelhy ostrov), located between two branches Váh River, where there are several resorts with water temperatures of 67-69°C. Some of these spas are quite expensive. We chose the cheap option of swim in the warm mineral water of pools Eva (Eva Kúpalisko). Indoor pool (25 m) and outer (50 m) were built in 1934.

(in 88 Km.) Bratislava: We sleep in the capital.