Day 1: Toulouse


Bike ride through the center of Toulouse, where we see, among other things, the Pont-Neuf, the Basilica of San Sernín, the Place du Capitole, the Capitol with the Hall of the Illustrious and the Royal Garden.

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Day 1: Toulouse - Grisolles


We start our bicycle tour through the Garonne canal. We skipped the industrial zone of Toulouse, starting at the Lespinasse lock, although we barely made 4 kilometers to St.Jory.

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Day 2: Montauban


First we visited Montauban. The city has the architectural curiosity typical of the bastides of the region: all its streets intersect at right angles and define a rectangular central square.

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Day 2: Grisolles - Montech - Castelsarrasin


With the bicycle, after seeing the market of Grisolles, we see the ingenious Pente d'Eau de Montech, and after overcoming the locks of Escatalens, St-Martin and Prades, we reach Castelsarrasin.

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Day 3: Castelsarrasin - Moissac - Valance d´Agen


We crossed the bridge-channel of the Cacor, which allows the Garonne canal to cross over the Tarn river. We visited the Abbey of St.Pierre in Moissac and finally we arrived at Valance d'Agen where its "lavoirs" stand out.

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Day 4: Walibi park

Wallibi park

Day of rest and fun. We go to the Walibi Sud-Ouest Park. It is an amusement park not too big, but large enough for children to enjoy.

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Day 5: Auvillar


Auvillar has been voted one of the "most beautiful villages in France" with its harbor area and outstanding monuments like the circular hall, the clock tower and the Church of St. Peter.

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Day 5: Valance d´Agen - Agen


Today's distance through the canal is approximately 28 kilometers. A few kilometers from the exit we meet the Golfech nuclear power plant. In the afternoon we visit in the historic center of Agen.

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Day 6: Agen - Buzet - Vianne - Barbaste - Nerac


By bicycle we go from Agen to Buzet-sur-Baise, highlighting the Pont-Canal de Agen. By car we visit the bastide of Vianne, the medieval bridge of the 12th century and the Moulin des Tours de Barbaste and Nérac.

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Day 7: Cité de l´Espace

Cité de l'Espace

On a new day of rest, we move to Toulouse to visit the City of Space, a theme park opened in June 1997 oriented towards space and the conquest of space.

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Day 8: Buzet-sur-Baise - Damazan - Fourques-sur-Garonne - Marmande


We start from Buzet-sur-Baise and after 4 kilometers we arrive at Damazan. After passing the access ramp, we visit the town. We ended up in Fourques-sur-Garonne. Already by car, we visited Marmande.

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Day 9: Bordeaux


Quick tour to the city by bicycle. The walk through the city is very pleasant. We pass by Porte Cailhau, Place de la Bourse, Grand Théâtre, the Monument to the Girondins or the Saint André Cathedral.

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Day 9: Dune du Pilat - Arcachon

Dune du Pilat

We arrive at the Atlantic coast to visit the Dune of Pilat, a huge formation of coastal natural sand accumulated in the Aquitaine coast. We climb to the top of the dune to admire the sunset.

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Day 10: Castets-en-Dorthe - Fourques-sur-Garonne

Canal de Garonne

We made the route in the opposite direction: from Castets-en-Dorthe to Fourques-sur-Garonne. The Canal de Garonne ends in Castets-en-Dorthe, because from this point the Garonne River is already navigable.

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