Travel to Iceland

Day 11 Höfn - Vík (295 Km.)

(138 Km.) Skaftafell: Skaftafell National Park is the largest in Iceland. The glaciers that surround the park protected it from the wind and create an oasis of greenery. Slightly higher rises Hvannadalshnúkur, the highest mountain on the island, with 1900 meters of altitude. The famous black waterfall (Svartifoss) falls from a rock wall at the sides of which there are some formations of basalt hexagonal shape reminiscent of a pipe organ. This waterfall is about 45 minutes from the main entrance of the park. From Gláma there are good views of the glacier.

Skatafell N.P. - Svartifoss

Skatafell N.P. - Svartifoss

In the park you can walk an hour or all day on beautiful tracks that offer a rare combination of green forests, clear waters, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers.

Skaftafell N.P. - Skaftafellsjokull glacier

Skaftafell N.P- - Skaftafellsjökull glacier

(45 Km.) Núpsstadur: When passing through this town, 30 kilometers east of Kirkjuboejarklaustur is interesting to see the small chapel made of peat of the seventeenth century.

(112 Km.) Vík: On the way to Vík you can deviate after Kirkjuboejarklaustur inland along a road toward the volcano Laki, in a vast field of lava and more than 100 craters, or another road to Eldgjá, a volcanic fissure 32 kilometers long, where the cascade Ófaerufoss jumped under a natural basalt bridge now demolished.