Travel to Iceland

Day 6 Osar - Akureyri (244 Km.)

(17 Km.) Borgarvirki: This is a rock formation with layers of basalt shaped like a horseshoe that served as a fortress in time of the Vikings. It is considered one of the most important ancient sites in Iceland. Furthermore, is located on a top of a hill that offers good views of the surrounding area and Lake Vesturhópsvatn (weather permitting).

(52 Km.) Blönduós: City on the banks of the fjord Húnafjördur excellent for taste prawns and shellfish.

(57 Km.) Viðimýri: The church of Viðimýri was declared property protected in 1936 by the National Museum. It was built in medieval times, although the current building dates from 1834. Is an example of the Icelandic architecture of that time, made with wood and peat.



(11 Km.) Glaumbær: The Glaumbær Folk Museum was established in 1948 and was opened in 1952 on the farm Glaumbær. The museum focuses on the old turf farms and way of life of rural farmers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The main entrance of the house leads to a tunnel that leads to the bedrooms. The oldest was built in the mid-1700s, and newer ones between 1876 and 1879. You can see original tools and utensils of the time.

Glaumbaer Folk Museum

Glaumbær Folk Museum

(107 Km.) Akureyri: It is a small city and almost always sunny with perpetual snow on the peaks of its mountains. On the streets you can admire a world of gardens and flowers that give a lot of colors. The people of this population is in love with flowers and its botanical garden. Also interesting are some of their homes, as Laxdal House, the oldest in the city, dating from the eighteenth century.