Travel to Iceland

Day 5 Stykkishólmur - Osar (267 Km.)

(116 Km.) Bifröst: It lies along the Ring Road and close to three interesting points. On the one hand Hredavatn lake, to the bank from which you can find many fossils. North of the town is the Grábórk volcano and its corresponding lava flow from 3000 years old. A little further north lies the Mount Baula, a mountain of rhyolite with pyramidal shape.

Bifrost - Volcano Grabork

Bifröst - Grábórk volcano

(97 Km.) Hvammstang: Village along the fjord Miðfjörður whose main attraction is the fishing port.

(39 Km.) Hindisvík: Situated at the tip of the peninsula Vatnsnes is the largest colony of seals in the area. These rest on the rocks located a few meters from the coast and swim close to the people who photograph, because they are very curious.

Hindisvik - Seal

Hindisvík - Seal

Osar - Seals

Osar - Seals

(15 Km.) Osar: It is a village consisting of just three houses, including a youth hostel, but it has two attractions: one is a colony of about two hundred seals resting on the sand and on the other hand Hvítserkur, the rock formation that seems a petrified dinosaur. Above this rock rest many cormorants.

Osar - Hvitserkur

Osar - Hvítserkur