Travel to Iceland

Day 3 Hafnarfjörður - Reykjavík - Hamar (230 Km.)

(10 Km.) Reykjavík: The capital of Iceland is the northernmost city in Europe and also the smallest. It has a population of 160,000 inhabitants (metropolitan area), in a country whose total population is 271,000 inhabitants. More than a nation´s capital, Reykjavik, not surprised by his history or architecture as the rest of European capitals, is for Iceland the economical, political and social center for excellence. Everything that happens in Iceland happens in Reykjavik. It is also a smoke-free city, with a beautiful lake in the heart of Old Town, the Tjörnin, which receives numerous birds.

One of its main attractions is the Bay, known as Smoky Bay (Bay of Smoke) named after the first settler Icelandic Ingolfur Arnalson, because of the geothermal steam. Walking through the Old Port of Reykjavik, you could see is technological progress.

The real heart of the city is in the Hlemmur square, located on the eastern edge of downtown. To the north lies the central police station, whose top floor is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nearby, the Museum of Natural History. The commercial street´s of the capital is Laugavegur.

Among the most important buildings should include the Parliament, Government House, the National Library, built early this century, and the National Theater, designed by architect Guojòn Samúelsson,in the decade the forties. In the universitary neighborhood are located the National Museum, the National and University Library, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Nordic House, designed by the Finnish architect Alvaar Aalto.

Reykjavik - Hallgrimskirkja

Reykjavík - Hallgrímskirkja

(90 Km.) Bogarnes: Borgarfjöröur bay has many islands, a real pleasure for bird lovers. We access to the bay through the tunnel which passes under the fjord Hvalfjördur and connects Reykjavík with Akranes with.

(55 Km.) Reykholt: Place where lived the great historian Snorri Sturluson and where are the huge caves Surtshellir and Viögelmir.

(12 Km.)Hraunfossar: Near Reykholt is located the Cascade of Lava (Hraunfossar), and slightly above the so-called cascade of Children (Barnafossar) with strange rock formations. In nearby is Húsafell Park, a summer camp very wooded.



(63 Km.) Hamar: We slept in a youth hostel located between golf courses. Between Reykholt and Hamar we went near the termal spring of Deildartunguhver.