Travel to Chile

Day 1 Barcelona - London



London: We came to London via Heathrow, where we bought a ticket for the entire transport Day, with which we take the underground to the city center. We started the morning with a scenic ride by Hyde Park and take Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and down to Trafalgar Square, where we made a quick visit to the National Gallery (free admission).

London - Trafalgar Square

From Trafalgar Square going towards the ancient neighborhood of Westminster, Parliament Square with the clock tower of Big Ben, Whitehall and Westminster Abbey. From there we crossed the bridge over the Thames to admire the view of Parliament.

London - Big Ben

We took the subway to go to the area of the London Bridge and visit the Tower of London, a vast and ancient fortress, a royal residence and a state prison, where are exhibited the Crown Jewels. Just after this area is a marina plenty of restaurants called Katherine´s Docks.

London - Tower of London

London - London Bridge

Through the Mall walk can be reached at Buckingham Palace, where we saw the famous Changing of the Guard (Alternate Days in winter). From there we go to Victoria Station to take the train Gatwich Express that will lead us to the airport for the intercontinental flight bound for Santiago de Chile (17 hours).


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