Travel to Chile

Day 24 Punta Arenas - Fuerte Bulnes - Santiago de Chile (116 Km.)

(in 58 Km.) Fuerte Bulnes: It is a historical reconstruction of the fort where was established the first Chilean Patagonian town and took possession of the Strait of Magellan and the surrounding land (1843). It is a series of houses, including the jail and the church, all protected by a wooden palisade. As the weather was very hostile, the site was moved to Punta Arenas.

Fuerte Bulnes (Fort Bulnes)

Fuerte Bulnes (Fort Bulnes)

(in 10 Km.) Puerto del hambre: Here the Spaniards attempted colonization, creating a village, but the attempt failed because they died of hunger (the adverse weather in the area prevented the obtaining of food). Years later a privateer discovered the bodies of people dead from hunger and baptized it as "Puerto del hambre" (Port of hunger).

(in 48 Km.) Punta Arenas: We go back to the airport in this town.

(plane) Santiago de Chile: We returned to Santiago, from which city take the plane back to Barcelona.


Farewell at the airport with Marcela, Francisco and Mercedes