Travel to Chile

Day 8 Santiago de Chile - Temuco (675 Km.)

Santiago de Chile: This day we prepare the path for the coming Days to the South (Zone of the lakes, Patagonia, etc.). From the capital we hired a car in Temuco, we booked an excursion to Laguna San Rafael, bought airline tickets and bought tickets for the night bus to Temuco. We followed the advices of Mercedes and Francisco, our family of Chile, who, besides offering their hospitality and teach the capital, they recommend us the most beautiful places to visit.

Machas with parmesan cheese

Machas with parmesan cheese at Mercedes´s home.

(in 675 Km.) Temuco: We took a sleeper bus from Santiago to Temuco (very convenient and inexpensive), which allows us to gain a day trip, as we wake in Temuco.